JPC Vest FiveM Model Description

The JPC Vest FiveM model is a high-quality, rigged model designed specifically for roleplaying in the FiveM modification framework for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). This model includes various textures representing different law enforcement agencies, such as BCSO (Blaine County Sheriff's Office), LSPD (Los Santos Police Department), and SAST (San Andreas State Troopers).

The JPC Vest is a reference to the Jumpable Plate Carrier Vest, which is a popular tactical vest used by law enforcement and military personnel. It provides protection and the ability to carry essential equipment while allowing the wearer to remain agile and mobile.

Features and Customization

In the context of FiveM roleplay, this model allows players to portray law enforcement characters more realistically by wearing an authentic-looking tactical vest. The inclusion of different agency textures, such as BCSO, LSPD, and SAST, provides players with customization options to match their desired roleplay scenarios or affiliations within the game.

Rigged for Realism

Additionally, as a rigged model, it means that the JPC Vest is equipped with a skeletal structure that enables it to move and animate realistically with the character it is attached to. This enhances immersion and allows for more dynamic roleplaying experiences.

Overall, the JPC Vest FiveM model is a high-quality, customizable, and rigged asset designed to enhance the roleplaying experience in GTA V's FiveM modification.

JPC Vest — $7.99



GregoryDev#6527 - Vest maker
Dean - Pics and rigging (Gregory's zmod license expired đź’€)
ChatGPT - Description :)

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