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Tactical Plate Carrier


## **__Tactical Plate Carrier__** _Are you looking for a very high quality vest package that you can use to roleplay in FiveM? You found it...

JPC Vest


## JPC Vest FiveM Model Description The **JPC Vest FiveM model** is a high-quality, rigged model designed specifically for roleplaying in...

LEO Belt


Are you looking for a high quality LEO belt? Here you are! ...

Tactical Backpack (Back and shoulder)


::: warning For female variant please create a ticket. ::: Tactical Backpack Package **__Features:__** - Male and female variants, -...

Cowboy Belt


This is a cowboy belt...

ESS ICE Glasses


# ESS ICE Glasses ## Variations: 1. Back Of The Head, 2. On Hat 3. On Hat Upside Down 4. On The Nose/Default ## Colors: - Transp...

Slick Armor Vest


# **Slick Armor Vest** Textures: Los Santos Police Department (Done) Blaine County Sheriff Office (Worked on) Press (worked on) San ...

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