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## JPC Vest FiveM Model Description The **JPC Vest FiveM model** is a high-quality, rigged model designed specifically for roleplaying in the FiveM modification framework for *Grand Theft Auto V* (GTA V). This model includes various textures representing different law enforcement agencies, such as *BCSO* (Blaine County Sheriff's Office), *LSPD* (Los Santos Police Department), and *SAST* (San Andreas State Troopers). The JPC Vest is a reference to the Jumpable Plate Carrier Vest, which is a popular tactical vest used by law enfor...

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Product: Paleto Bay PD EUP Package 5/5

“Mint Products”Jayce H.

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Product: H1 Hummer Alpha Open-Top 5/5

“Great overall, I just kinda wish the speaker on the back was a toggle-able extra”Plactrix

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Product: CDN Website 5/5

“Great Site! Easy Setup.”Jaiden

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Product: Oakley Radar Glasses 5/5

“Goes well with my character's outfit, 10/10”Plactrix

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